1The best games to play by yourself on PS5

Spider-Man Miles Morales 2

Playing games with friends is great. But sometimes you want to settle down by yourself and sink into an epic single-player adventure.

Though it’s not been around for long, the PS5 already has stacks of excellent single-player games, mainly thanks to backwards compatibility. But there are some stand-out launch titles, too. From Spider-Man: Miles Morales, brand new for PS5, to PS4’s The Last of Us Part II, you’re not short of top-tier single-player games.

This list of best single-player games on PS5 focuses on games that are purely single-player. Forget games with co-op or multiplayer modes – these are the games that cater for those of us who prefer to get lost in a game by ourselves.

If you’re lucky enough to have a PS5, then, read on through this list to see our picks of the best single-player games on PS5. Don’t worry; if you’d rather play games with friends, we’ve got you covered on another list.

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