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When Aaron isn't busting out his parents' old Sega Megadrive and playing way too much Mortal Kombat II in an attempt to re-live the classic days, he usually spends his days up to his neck podcasting about movies, covering events and of course writing about video games. Primed to take on anyone who critiques the genius of 2005's Timesplitters: Future Perfect, Aaron is the epitome of the term "Pop Culture Nerd" with the collection of comics, games and statues to prove it

Nintendo Switch is a Runaway Success, but Third Party Devs are Struggling to Keep Up

For the most part the Nintendo Switch is a runaway success, but third parties still can't take advantage of giving their games day and date releases.
Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn on PS Vita is a Bitesize Breath of the Wild

It’s not quite the main course with dessert, but Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas on Vita is a more than serviceable starter.

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Review

If there’s one thing you can say about Atlus, it’s that the publisher will almost certainly continue to defy all expectations, transporting many beloved...

Last Stitch Goodnight Review

If nothing else, Last Stitch Goodnight is just the latest in a long line of video games that prove you should never judge a book by its cover.

Prey Proves that Sci-fi Shouldn’t Always be Melded with Horror

Since when has it been a pre-requisite for video games that centre around a sci-fi to also include horror?

Syberia 3 Review

There is a great adventure game here just begging to be broken out, however for now as Syberia 3 stands, Kate Walker’s story is one best left washed ashore.

Flinthook Review

Flinthook gripped me instantly, hooking me in with its acute sense of retro aesthetic charm and silky smooth gameplay.

The Nintendo Switch Needs to be More Than Just an ‘Indie Machine’ if it’s to Thrive

It’s no secret that it’s already off to a great start, but already there are concerns that the hybrid handheld/console is on the path to becoming the go-to "indie machine". And if that ends up being the case, it'll be an incredible waste.

A Rose in the Twilight Review

First off, I want to start off this review by saying: thank you. The very fact that you’re interested in a new and exclusive...

How The Japanese are Clawing Back the Game Development Crown in 2017

If you were to glance your eyes over a list of games you’ve played so far this year, it’s highly likely that you’d recognise...

Blue-Collar Astronaut Review

The one word I kept coming back to each time I willingly chose to return to the experience Blue-Collar Astronaut provided me was “Why?”. More...

Syberia 3 Preview: A Familiar Yet Mysterious Return to Adventure

It’s looking likely that Syberia 3 will at least delight and intrigue when it releases on April 20th – even if it will struggle to fully amaze.
Rocket League 1-min

The 10 Best PS Plus Games Released So Far

Here are our top 10 PS Plus games ever released on PlayStation – the games that grabbed us and simply wouldn’t let go until tens of hours were poured into them!

Remembering Insomniac’s Resistance Trilogy

“Halo killer” was a common term during the unparalleled heights of the previous generation’s console wars. Let’s be honest though, looking back now it...

Styx: Shards of Darkness Review

Styx: Shards of Darkness is a near-faultless stealth game that continues to know its audience enough to give them more of what they want.

Resident Evil VII’s “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” is the Perfect Marketing Soundtrack

You can really tell when a video game’s marketing has done its job once you're left feeling absolutely engrossed and shaken by said marketing’s...

SubLevel Zero Redux Review

If you give Sublevel Zero Redux the time it deserves, you won’t be able to help falling in love with its approach to upgrades and consistent unrelenting challenge.

The Revisionist History of The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was lauded at launch, but are people beginning to change their minds about the "greatest open world adventure ever made"?

7 Reasons Why Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine is Anything But the Ideal Date this February 14th

As one of the Resident Evil franchise's most prominent and formidable female protagonists, Jill Valentine has been able to give the likes of Lara Croft...

Uncanny Valley Review

Armed with your trusty flashlight, a couple of seven minute shifts, and plenty of pixelated macabre imagery, Uncanny Valley never fails to scare or surprise.

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