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For Jack, it all started with the PS1. After years spent playing against AI, video games moved online, so Jack did too. As the industry grew, he followed, treating himself to a diverse array of genres. Now enjoying well-written RPGs the most, he looks for stories he can engross himself in. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in video games. Eventually his love/hate relationship with gaming drew him to write about the industry he is passionate about. When he's not gaming, you'll most likely find Jack watching films.

Where to Find the Skull of the Candlemaker on Lone Cove in Sea of Thieves

Those damn Gold Hoarders and their riddles, am I right?

Where to Find the Caged Explorer on Devil’s Ridge in Sea of Thieves

This quick video guide will help you solve the riddle that asks you to find the the Caged Explorer on Devil's Ridge in Sea of Thieves.

How to Switch Characters in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV gives players a chance to not only play as Noctis, but as those accompanying him too.

The Last of Us Photo Mode is Like Looking Through Post-Apocalyptic Holiday Snaps

Using The Last of Us: Remastered’s photo mode throughout the entire playthrough is like reliving one heck of a gap year.

The Best Aspect of the First Few Hours in Final Fantasy XV

While there’s a lot of things I like about the game so far, one thing really stands out to me: the music.

Final Fantasy XV’s PC Port is Good, But Not Perfect

Finally, Final Fantasy XV is available on PC. I’ve found a few annoying niggles with it so far, but luckily the most important aspect — the performance — is admirable.

7 Upcoming Games We Hope Will Have Photo Modes

O photo modes, o photo modes, how lovely are thy screenshots.
Monster Hunter World

How to Get Gems In Monster Hunter World

Here's everything you need to know about getting gems in Monster Hunter World.

How to Expand the Botanical Research Center in Monster Hunter World

Wanting to expand your Botanical Research Center in Monster Hunter World? Don't worry - we've got you covered.

Why I Prefer Overwatch on Console

I just want to play Overwatch without feeling like I’m wading through a cesspit of toxicity.
Loot Box Header

When In-Game Cosmetics Actually Meant Something

When people argue a new titles’ microtransactions “are just cosmetics” I sigh, and reminisce about when they actually meant something to those that had them, and even those that didn’t.

The 10 Best David Tennant Episodes of Doctor Who

Oh David, my Doctor. Here are what we consider to be the best episodes in his illustrious three-season journey.

7 Pumping Electronic Tracks to Help You Kill That Boss

You won’t find Don’t Stop Believing in here; this is a short list of electronic tracks to quietly thump in the background to help you focus on difficult boss fights.

Super Mario Odyssey’s Snapshot Mode is All About Having Fun

Most games use their photo modes to allow you to explore their graphically-intense and detailed worlds. Not so with Super Mario Odyssey: Snapshot Mode is all about having fun.

Using NVIDIA’s Ansel in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition’s Demo

We took NVIDIA's Ansel screenshot tool for a spin in the demo of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Here are some of our favourite shots.

6 Games We Wish Had Photo Modes

While it’s a feature that’s appearing in more and more games, there are some that have missed out on a photo mode. Here are six games that we we’d love to be using photo modes in.

Deep Dive With a Friend in Debris

Originally launched in October 2017, underwater adventure game Debris’ latest update brings co-op gameplay into the fray.

DriveClub’s Photo Mode Was One of the Very First, and It’s Still the Best

Stuff your procedural generations and your always-online; I can say with certainty that the best feature to appear this generation is the photo mode.
Subnautica 4

Review: Subnautica Suprises At All Depths

One of Steam's original Early Access games, Unknown Worlds Entertainment's Subnautica has finally launched, and it has been well worth the wait.

We Were Here Too Review: Puzzlingly Puzzling

Following up free-to-play success We Were Here, We Were Here Too follows in the same vein — but that’s exactly what I wanted from a sequel.

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