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Kim's been into video games since playing Dizzy on her brother's Commodore 64 as a wee nipper. Video games may be her livelihood, but that doesn't mean she's very good at them. If she's not gaming, she's probably cooing over pictures of baby animals or watching re-runs of Friends for the 137th time. You'll also find Kim's work on Kotaku UK and Gizmodo UK.

How to Turn Off Random Enemy Encounters in Final Fantasy VII

Available now on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4, Final Fantasy VII lets you turn off random enemy encounters. Here's how to do that.
Final Fantasy VII Remastered

How to Enable 3x Speed in Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII on PS4, Xbox One and Switch enables you to speed up the game at the touch of a button. Here's how to do it.

The Division 2’s Weather Effects Are Incredible

The Division 2's thunderstorms don't make for great conditions to wage a big fight in, but my god, they are spectacular. 
James Pond: Robocod

Robocod is Now Available on Nintendo Switch – And It’s Brought The Invincibility Cheat...

One of my favourite games as a youngster was James Pond 2: Codename Robocod, and it's now available on Switch.

Oxenfree is Free Right Now on the Epic Games Store

Olly olly Oxenfree - with emphasis on the free!
Cuphead Body 3

Here’s Everything From Today’s Nintendo Indie Showcase

Nintendo's just shared a tonne of indie games coming to the Switch this year, including Cuphead, Rad, Stranger Things and Cadence of Hyrule.

How to Get SP in One Piece World Seeker

In One Piece World Seeker, SP - or skill points - is your currency to unlock new skills. Here's how to earn new SP.

How To Open Treasure Chests Faster in One Piece World Seeker

You may have noticed that opening a treasure chest in One Piece World Seeker takes some time. Thankfully, you can increase the speed at which Luffy interacts with objects.

How to Change Your Outfit in One Piece World Seeker

One Piece World Seeker gives you the option to change protagonist's Luffy's clothes – if you want to remove him from his iconic Straw Hat Pirate garb, that is.

Google Has Announced Stadia, Its Cloud-Based Gaming Solution

Yesterday at GDC, Google lifted the lid on its big gaming project. We now know it to be Stadia, a cloud-based gaming platform.

Golf Peaks is More About Brainpower Than Backswing

The next PGA Tour this is not, but Golf Peaks is a delightful little puzzle game about putting a ball around a myriad of obstacle courses.

One Piece: World Seeker Review

Oh, Luffy. Stretchy, freaky, punchy Luffy. How fun you are to play as!

How to Beat Isaac, The Final Boss in One Piece World Seeker

The final boss fight in One Piece World Seeker will see you taking on antagonist Isaac – but this time he's brought some badass robot mech armour to make your life a little more difficult.

How to Complete the First Treasure Map Mission in One Piece World Seeker

In chapter eight of One Piece World Seeker, you're tasked with following a treasure map in order to complete a story-related mission.

Tips For Being The Best Damn Pirate in One Piece: World Seeker

If you're planning to jump into One Piece: World Seeker this weekend, following these tips should set you in the right direction.

How to Fast Travel in One Piece: World Seeker

Open world adventure One Piece: World Seeker is a big game, with a massive map. Thankfully, it employs a fast travel system to help you move around. Here's everything you need to know.

How To Save Your Game in One Piece: World Seeker

There's a lot to do in World Seeker, so one thing is really important: saving your progress!

Android and iOS Games With Xbox Achievements

While we can't yet earn achievements in all aspects of our lives, we can at least earn some through our phones.

Point and Click Meets Survival in Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland

From its attractive pixel art style to its engaging puzzles and gripping story, Don't Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland manages to be a surprising and altogether rewarding adventure.

The First Two Hours of A Plague Tale: Innocence Promise Something Incredibly Special

I've just played through the first three chapters of Asobo Studio's upcoming A Plague Tale: Innocence and I've been absolutely blown away.

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