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Kyle likes video games and some other things, none of them really worth mentioning. Having written about games for two years, he tries. He enjoys home-made fan games, niche Japanese RPGs, and anything made by Suda51. Would rather be playing his Sega Saturn, honestly.
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Review: A Fantasy Worth Fighting For

I’ve played a lot of the Square Enix’s Final Fantasy-themed crossover, Dissidia, but it’s never felt as good as in the series’ latest entry, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Lost Sphear Review: Getting Lost Over the Moon

The latest RPG from Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory, Lost Sphear pays homage to classic RPGs of the past, but it fails to make its own mark on the genre.

How to Summon Shenron in Dragon Ball FighterZ and What to Do When You’ve Got Him

There's a lot to learn in Bandai Namco's newest fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ. Luckily, we've got you covered.

Early Access F2P Game Black Squad is Your New Favourite Shooter

When it comes to F2P shooters, I’m not sure it gets any better than Black Squad at the moment.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Impressions: Fighting Fire with Fira

For Final Fantasy nerds like me, the game holds enough potential to be an engaging and fun single-player experience.

The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff Pack Adds a Welcome Layer to the Slice of Life

I’m always excited by the prospect of having more avenues to recreate real-life situations. With The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff, I got just what I wanted.

How Final Fantasy XV Made Me a Better Caregiver

It’s a game about relationships. I’m just lucky enough that it made one of mine even stronger.

InnerSpace Review: Flying Blind

InnerSpace is an atmospheric, zen-like experience with an art style reminiscent of Grow Home's simplistic minimalism and a mysterious world that looks worth diving into. Unfortunately, for as much work the game does towards building its worlds, it gives little reason to stay there.

Let’s Judge David Cage by His Work, Shall We?

Amidst reports of inappropriate behaviour at Quantic Dream's studio, David Cage responded by asking people to judge him by his work. So we did.
Dragon Ball FighterZ 1

How Dragonball FighterZ Handles Anime’s Most Common Flaw

Dragonball FighterZ from Bandai Namco and Arc System Works looks set to be one of the most exciting entries into the Dragonball franchise, but people still have their reservations. Why?
Tokyo Xanadu eX 2

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Review: A Total Eclipse of My Heart

Whether you’ve already played Tokyo Xanadu or not, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ offers a great respite from other, bigger holiday releases.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review: A Summon Night to Remember

While strategy RPGs may be harder to come by these days, Summon Night 6 is a thirst quenching oasis for any genre-loving desert travellers.
Dark Arisen Header

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Review: A Game of Pawns

Capcom's open-world action RPG Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen has made its way to current generation platforms. And it's as good as ever.
Loot Box Header

We Need to Talk About Loot Boxes

In the wake of recent AAA releases, loot boxes - those shiny exploding crates that give you stuff - have become the centre of many gamers' ire.

Bad Apple Wars Review

For fans of otome games, Bad Apple Wars may feel like a love-it-or-hate-it experience that will mostly depend on how much you’re able to put up with.
Halo 3 Header

Revisiting Halo 3, 10 Years Later

Like a worn book, lined with creases and barely holding together, my copy of Halo 3 is a game that’s been used because it’s a game that’s been loved.
Drive Girls Header

Drive Girls Review: Boobs, Bonnets and Bugs

Drive Girls is a game about ladies that transform into cars. Sometimes they fight bugs, sometimes they race each other, yet neither seem to be any fun.

Tokyo Geek’s Guide is the Perfect Companion for the Travelling Otaku

Tokyo Geek's Guide is the perfect companion for anyone interested in Japan's gaming, manga and geek culture.

Review: Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a Prime Example of Bad Licensing

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days does little to remind you of the Tarantino-directed classic that it is based from.

The Caligula Effect Review

The Caligula Effect is a difficult game to review, mainly because of how contradictory it can be at times.

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