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The Five Best MMO Games on PS5 to Get Lost In

Are you looking for a vast, meaty game to lose hundreds of hours in?

The Best MMOs on PS4

These massively multiplayer games are ideal for the gamer that likes a long term project.
Final Fantasy XIV Puma

Final Fantasy XIV Online is Getting Its Own Line of Puma Clothing

Final Fantasy XIV, the ridiculously popular MMORPG is becoming a clothing line, courtesy of Puma. The Final Fantasy XIV clothing range, a collaboration between Puma...
Final Fantasy XIV best MMO games on PS5

Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.3 Patch Notes Are Here

Final Fantasy XIV's 6.3 patch is just four days away. Here's what's coming.

Final Fantasy XIV Has Hit 27 Million Registered Players

Square Enix have announced that long-running MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has hit 27 million registered players.
Final Fantasy IV Online Starter Guide Series XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Online Has a Newbie-Friendly Video Series

Are you new to Final Fantasy XIV Online? Square Enix has launched a series of videos that should help new players get into the MMORPG.
Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is Available Now But There’s a Snag

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion pack is out now, but you may have problems getting to experience it.
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers (1)

Final Fantasy XIV Gets a Playstation 5 Beta This April

Are you read to pretty up your paladin? This April, Final Fantasy XIV arrives on Playstation 5 as an open beta.
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers (1)

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Launches Today

Shadowbringers, the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, launches today. Find out what it adds to the game right here and what's coming in the future.

The Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World Crossover Begins Today

Have you had the distinct feeling lately that your Final Fantasy XIV experience just hasn't had enough Rathalos battles in it? Well, today's your lucky day.

MMOs, Marriages and Roleplaying

Whilst I consider myself a devout gamer, one part of the stereotype I've not fulfilled is having a love for MMOs. Sure, I played...

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