Guest Post

Will GTA Online’s DLC Always Be Free?

The immense success of Grand Theft Auto 5, both in terms of sales figures and revenue gained from recurrent spending, is something that has been the source of much analysis and discussion over the years.

Wuppo Review

Wuppo is a game with character; it knows exactly what it wants to be and what it wants to do, and it accomplishes those tasks elegantly and creatively.

Last Will Review

By Thomas Camden Anyone who is familiar with escape rooms can tell you that they encourage fun, critical thinking for you and your friends. Last Will builds o...

I, Zombie Review

By Thomas Camden "Which brains do I need to munch on first?" is the question that I always asked myself at the beginning of every level in I, Zombie, a game wh...

Action News Heroes Review

By Thomas Camden Despite its title, Action News Heroes has very little to do with reporting the news, and more to do with defeating the fast food overlords tha...

Typoman: Revised Review

By Thomas Camden Unless you've been watching Wheel of Fortune non-stop for the last 25 years, you're bound to run into some frustration when playing Typoman: R...

Land It! Review

I’m not sure about you guys, but I am continuously on the lookout for new titles to pass 10 to 15 minutes of down time.
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