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From time to time, GameSpew hosts special guest articles not from our usual team of writers. If you have an idea for a guest article that you'd like to see featured on GameSpew, get in touch!
Nintendo Game Boy Virtual Console 3DS

New Ways to Play Old Game Boy Games

Thanks to a number of free emulators available online, you can play those old favourites any time you wish - from the convenience of your PC.

Will GTA Online’s DLC Always Be Free?

The immense success of Grand Theft Auto 5, both in terms of sales figures and revenue gained from recurrent spending, is something that has been the source of much analysis and discussion over the years.

The In-Game Fashion of CS:GO

How do we decide which in-game items are worth buying with real money and which aren’t?

Why Abzû is the Most Important Game of the Year

Guest post by Duncan Robertson 2016 has seen a fairly stellar line-up of games. With the dust settling from the Game Awards earlier this month, there's...

Wuppo Review

Wuppo is a game with character; it knows exactly what it wants to be and what it wants to do, and it accomplishes those tasks elegantly and creatively.

Are Strategy Games the Last Bastion of Old-School Gaming?

Strategy games demand patience and force the player to plan every move meticulously rather than just click in rapid succession. That’s one of the...

Last Will Review

Anyone who is familiar with escape rooms can tell you that they encourage fun, critical thinking for you and your friends.

What Bioshock Has Taught Me About Modern Game Design

Game designers should listen to the challenges that older masterpieces like Bioshock issue them and use the strengths from them for the better.

The Influence of the Gaming Industry

The influence of the gaming industry on our everyday lives cannot be denied. Most of the technology that we take for granted today came about...

I, Zombie Review

By Thomas Camden "Which brains do I need to munch on first?" is the question that I always asked myself at the beginning of every...

Action News Heroes Review

Action News Heroes is a mediocre shooter that is brought down even further by its annoying music, frustrating rating system, and lack of replayability.

Games That Changed Our Lives #31: Fable II

My life revolved around playing games. Nothing could take that love from me – until high school, that was.

Do We Want Our World to Be Based on Algorithms?

With the release of much talked-about game No Man’s Sky, gamers have now apparently been introduced to the first title based purely on algorithms....

Preview: Happy Dungeons is shaping up to be the perfect pick up and play

Back in 2012 Toylogic, a Japanese studio, released their first full title: Happy Wars. Happy Wars was the first full free-to-play game on Xbox 360.

Teaching Children to Safely Play Pokémon GO

There is an old saying that goes, "what is old, is new again". For parents and gamers, this adage couldn’t be any more true today...

Typoman: Revised Review

The concept behind Typoman: Revised is an interesting one, but the game fumbles a lot on its implementation.

Land It! Review

I’m not sure about you guys, but I am continuously on the lookout for new titles to pass 10 to 15 minutes of down time.

Top 10 Strange, Creepy and Disturbing Video Game Universes

Video games leave nothing to the imagination. Unlike books that allow readers to imagine the details for themselves (except for some novels that excel...
Top 10 anticipated games of 2015

Top 10 Stealth Games You Really Should Play

By James Marvin Stealth games are my favourite type of game out there. There's no better feeling to me than having your patience pay off...

Obliteracers Review

This indie battle racer delivers on fun gameplay and tons of explosions that make for a good party game.

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