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From time to time, GameSpew hosts special guest articles not from our usual team of writers. If you have an idea for a guest article that you'd like to see featured on GameSpew, get in touch!

Journey Review

Despite its release three years ago on PlayStation 3 and recent remaster to PlayStation 4, Journey continues to immerse its players in a way that is unique to other games.

Why We Love: Mirror’s Edge

By Josh Patterson It's actually a little hard to believe that Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, a sequel long whispered about among fans of the franchise but...

Playing on Hard Mode – Discussing Video Game Difficulty

By Joshua Yeldham-Smith Wherever possible, I play games on Hard Mode. For me, this trend began with Veteran Mode on Call of Duty 2 for Xbox...

Pokémon Reborn: The Fan-Made Dark Side of Pokémon

By Callum Humphreys Imagine a world as dark and disturbing as that in The Hunger Games trilogy. Now transfer that violent imagery to a Pokémon game....

Brawlhalla Early Access Review

From Blue Mammoth Games, Brawlhalla is a 2D arena fighting game akin to the ever-popular Super Smash Bros.

Act of Aggression Review

Act of Aggression is a nice comeback for the traditional RTS.

Satellite Reign Review

A cyberpunk world, shadowed in darkness that engulfs you in every turn, yet illuminated by neon at once relieving in its light and unsettling in its tone.
Magnetic: Cage Closed review

Magnetic: Cage Closed Review

Developed by Guru Games, a small independent game developer in Sweden, Magnetic: Cage Closed is a first person puzzle game, not too dissimilar from the ever-loved Portal series.

Master Spy Review

Master Spy places you in the shoes of the titular spy. Armed with only a trench coat that turns you invisible and a freakishly good jumping ability, you set off on a globe-hopping tale of corporate espionage, deadly assassins, fatal laser traps, and an encounter with a really peeved shark.

Curses ‘N Chaos Review

A teeth grinding, pulse racing arena-brawler, Curses 'N Chaos is the relentlessly difficult 8-bit creation by Tribute Games.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong Review

If you are looking for that next brilliant RPG or have a love of cyberpunk, this game is essential to your collection.

Fate Tectonics Review

If you like a game that is challenging, inventive and creative, then Fate Tectonics might be for you.

Hacknet Review

Hacking is one of those Hollywood jobs we all wish we could do.

DiscStorm Review

You know you’re off to a good start when you wake up in the middle of a dojo to a woman as old as...

Sheltered – Early Access Review

By David Haughton You know, you wait years for a survival game set in a nuclear bunker and then three come along at once. First...
Airscape The Fall of Gravity

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity Review

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity has the potential to be a truly great game, but it isn’t there quite yet.

Roving Rogue Review

Roving Rogue is a charming little side-scroller that succeeds in making you reminisce on the gaming days of old.

Dream Review

Developed by the small indie studio HyperSloth, Dream is a puzzle-solving exploration game sure to boggle the mind.

The Swindle Review

The Swindle is an ambitious game that unfortunately just falls in at average.

Top 5 GTA Missions That Will Go Down In History

By Carla Wellings You know that feeling of butterflies people often talk about? It comes around when you meet a new love, smell a tasty snack,...

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