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How to Switch Between Gadgets in Rage 2

In Rage 2, numerous gadgets are available to enable you to mix things up a little during combat.

Of course, grenades are one of those gadgets, and like in most games they can be cooked to give your enemies less time to get out of their blast radius. To cook a grenade, simply hold the right shoulder button. More out of the ordinary are Wingsticks, which act very much like boomerangs. By pressing the right shoulder button you can throw a Wingstick at your enemies, and providing there are no obstacles in the way, it will come back to you. And finally, you have auto-turrets. Simply place them down with RB and they’ll get to work shooting your enemies for you.

To switch between grenades, Wingsticks and auto-turrets, you simply need to press down on the d-pad. Make sure you change between them, as they’re all useful in certain situations when playing Rage 2.

Grenades, Wingsticks and auto-turrets can be upgraded too, making them more effective in the heat of battle. You just need to buy schematics from vendors when you come across them. Your first upgrades will allow you craft them with the materials you find, and can be purchased in the town of Gunbarrel. So, don’t delay visiting the town when you start the game.

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